Pornography's Relationship To Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Дополнительные данные о детской порнографии (англ.).

The Problem
  • The National Coalition For Children's Justice (Ken Wooden)

Between 1981 and 1985, child sexual abuse rose by 175%. Child molestation cases in the home in 1986 were 216,216.

  • National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect, Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Study of National Incidence and Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect (1988) (NIS-2)

There were 138,000 children abused sexually in 1986, and another 17,000 in danger and at risk of being sexually abused.

  • U.S. Department of Justice, Network News, Fall Edition (1985)

"One in three females and one in ten males will be sexually molested before the age of 18. Four million child molesters reside in this country."

  • Abel (1985)

A study of 411 non-incarcerated sex offenders (sexual deviants or paraphiliacs) showed that sex offenders attempted an average of 581 sex offenses each, completed an average of 533 offenses, and victimized 336 people each over a 12 year period. This included pedophiles (child molesters).

  • Abel, et al (1987)

"The frequency of self reported crimes" (for the non-incarcerated sex offenders they studied) "was vastly greater than the number of crimes for which they had been arrested. The ratio of arrest to commission of the more violent crimes such as rape and child molestation was approximately 1:30.

  • Report of the U.S. Congress Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Child Pornography and Pedophilia (1986)

"No single characteristic of pedophilia is more pervasive than the obsession with child pornography. The fascination of pedophiles with child pornography and child abuse has been documented in many studies and has been established by hundreds of sexually explicit materials involving children.

"Detective William Dworin of the Los Angeles Police Department estimates that of the 700 child molesters in whose arrest he has participated during the last ten years, more than half had child pornography in their possession. About 80 percent owned either child or adult pornography.

Child pornography plays a central role in child molestations by pedophiles, serving to justify their conduct, assist them in seducing their victims, and provide a means to blackmail the children they have molested in order to prevent exposure.

  • Abel (1986)

He studied 240 child molesters (pedophiles). They averaged 30 (homosexual or same-sex) to 60 (heterosexual) victims before being caught. The typical child molester will sexually abuse 380 children in a lifetime.

  • Carter et al (1984)

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that most child molesters were themselves molested as children. They tend to seek out victims of the age they were when first molested. One study reported that 57% of molesters studied had been victims of child molestation themselves.

Does Pornography Promote Abuse?
  • Dr. William Marshall (1983)

87% of girl child molesters and 77% of boy child molesters studied admitted to regular use of hard core adult pornography. The obscene material was used by these sex offenders for three reasons:

(1) to stimulate themselves;

(2) to destroy the consciences and lower the inhibitions and resistance to sexual activity in their intended child victims; and

(3) as teaching tools for the child to imitate or model in their real life sexual encounter with the adult.

  • John Rabun, Exploited and Missing Children Unit of Louisville, KY

"The Police/Social work team of the Exploited and Missing Child Unit (EMCU) of Louisville, KY investigated 1,400 cases of children suspected of being victims of sexual exploitation. Over 40 major cases involved the successful prosecution of adults involved with over 12 children each. One case involved 320 children. At the time of the arrest of and/or service of search warrants, all 40 of these adult predators were found with various forms of adult pornography, and in most cases child nudes and/or child pornography were also found.

"Over four years, the EMCU team learned to expect to always find adult pornography since it was used for:

(1) the offender's own arousal;

(2) self-validation of their own sex deviations;

(3) extortion of child victims or other adults; and

(4) deliberate and planned lowering of inhibitions of child victims.

  • The Badgley Report (1984)

The report found that almost 60% of both male and female juvenile prostitutes had been asked to be the subject of sexually explicit films or photographs; 12% of the girls and 20% of the boys had actually been used in making pornography; juvenile prostitutes are a high-risk group in regard to being exploited by pornographers.

Two smaller American studies (Burgess: 755 of youth hustlers had participated in pornography; John Rabun: 37% had participated) emphatically confirm this finding.

  • Silbert and Pines (1984)

A detailed content analysis of 193 cases of rape and of 178 cases of juvenile sexual abuse revealed a clear relationship between violent pornography and sexual abuse.

  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 111-R

Pedophiles who act on their urges with children commonly develop excuses or rationalizations about their illegal sexual activities toward the children:

1) that they have "educational value" for the child

2) that the child derives "sexual pleasure" from them

3) that the child was "sexually provocative" toward them -- led them on.

These three rationalizations are "themes that are also common in pedophillic pornography." p.284. In other words, pornography teaches three myths that pedophiles believe, and act on, when they molest children.

  • Southern California Child Exploitation Task Force (1988)

"One of the men we prosecuted had 50,000 photographs of noncommercial child pornography in a storage locker. He admitted molesting several hundred children following his release from a state hospital for a child molestation conviction. He even maintained a ledger listing those molestations. He taught swimming and tennis to youngsters, some of whom became his victims."